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3 Ways to Bet – Betting Tips To Take You To The Next Level

The expansion of sports data science, technology and number of leagues has led to an expansion of markets and ways to bet. Today we show you 3 fundamental ways of betting, as part of our daily betting tips.

1. Head-to-Head

The simplest form of sports betting to start off our daily betting tips is the head to head style, in which you can bet on one of two or possibly three outcomes. For example, in the upcoming Premier League semi-finals involving Juventus and Real Madrid, you can bet that either Juventus will win, or Madrid, or that the match will end in a draw. A bookmaker will offer odds on either side, based on which you can place bets, or you can make your own odds from bookmaker estimates and bet. If you bet on a Juventus win, and they do indeed win, then you win too. This kind of betting is applicable for practically all sports.

2. Over/Under Betting

This kind of betting is usually to do with the scores, rather than the results. In that same match quoted above, a bookmaker might offer odds of over 1.5 (that is, two) goals scored by the end of the match, based on analysis of data such as team formation, injuries, victory records, etc. If you accept those odds and bet on it, and the match ends with, say, 3 goals, you win; if you do and it ends in a goalless draw or a score of one-nil, then you lose.  This kind of betting can be adapted to fit many sports, including basketball and tennis.

3. Multi-bets

These are one of those things that go for all or nothing. Also called combo-bets, they contain several legs, and to calculate the total value of the bet, the value of odds offered on each are multiplied with each other. If you bet on every single quarter final of the Premier League 2014-15, and took them as the different legs, then you’d have a quadruple multi-bet on your hands. A warning as part of our daily betting tips: while in true-value situations multi-bets are a great way to increase your wins, they can result in equally hard losses. Most bookmakers have a limit on the number of legs in a bet.

And there you are!  We hope today’s guideas part of our daily betting tips helps!

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